A 35-year-old man identified as Uwaila Idehen murdered his wife and kids in Edo state.
According to reports, Idehen shot his family who lived with him in Ovbioge community in Ovia North local government area of Edo State yesterday over claims that his wife was cheating on him.
The couple reportedly got into a heated argument after his wife accused him of cheating and also planning on engaging in an extramarital affair if he does not stop.
The suspect was said to have stormed out of the house but returned minutes later with a double-barrel rifle he got from a retired police officer and killed his wife and their two sons.
While being paraded today by the state police command, Idehen confessed to the crime and said;
“I am a tipper driver. We are two children in my family, my elder sister and me. I am 35 years old. My wife had three children for me, a girl and two boys. The girl is six years, and the boys were three and two years old respectively. I don’t know what came over me, and I was not drunk. Due to the nature of my job, my wife always accused me of having affairs with other women, but it is not true.
“At times, when she sees me with my female customers, she will start an argument with me, but I always assure her that there was nothing like that and that my concern was how to take care of the three kids we had together.
“I always walk away whenever she got me provoked but that Sunday, I don’t know what came over me. Instead of just leaving the house, I picked up my gun and shot through the door and the bullet pierced through the plywood door and hit my wife and the two boys. The girl narrowly escaped.”
Hakeem Odumosu, the state’s Police Commissioner, said the suspect would be charged for murder.