A Pakistani baby girl who was born with an abnormal bulge on the top of her head is desperately waiting for life-changing surgery.
Anila Ali, from Dokri in the Sindh province of Pakistan, was born with an unusually large, soft head, which doctors diagnosed as a severe form of craniosynostosis.
This is thought to be causing pressure to build inside the three-month-old’s head, which is forcing her brain to spread outside of her skull.
Medics are baffled as to how to treat the newborn, who also suffers from a severe form of spina bifida, which they claim has caused a tumour to develop on her back. 

Anila’s 19-year-old mother Naushaba, said:
‘I was happy when I gave birth to Anila, my first child, three months ago in a private clinic.’But, I got afraid when I first saw her head.Her head was not developed properly and doctors told us to take her to the children hospital in Larkana.
‘Her head was so soft that doctors told us that even a small injury on her head can do her a lot of damage.’

Naushaba and her husband Amad Ali, 21, got £800 from family and friends to cover the cost of their travel and stay in Karachi.
Amad, who earns just £4 a day as a daily wage labourer, said:
‘We took a lot of loans to arrange a visit and stay in Karachi.’I wish our daughter gets the right treatment here.’
Professor Raza Rizvi, head of neurosurgery at Karachi’s Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, said:
‘The patient [was] admitted [to] our hospital and we are monitoring her.
‘We will start by operating [on] her for myelomeningocele and we are yet to decide on how we will proceed with her skull surgery,’ Professor Rizvi said.
‘A brain reconstructive surgery is possible but that could be very risky as the patient is very young.’
Carters News Agency