John Legend gave an emotional and glowing tribute to his wife Chrissy Teigen at Glamour’s Women of the Year awards on Monday.
The hitmaker, 39,  hailed his ‘inspirational’ spouse as the ‘heart and soul’ of their family.
Discussing his wife of five years, John welled up as he introduced Chrissy, 32, onto the stage to collect her accolade.
‘I have a career in the music business, but we all know who the star of the family is. She’s the heart and soul of the family too.
‘I am very much in love with this woman. I mean, obviously, I guess. She is my wife. And she is the mother of our daughter Luna and our son Miles.
‘But I’m not the only one who loves her. Many millions of people who aren’t married or related to her love her too.

‘Everywhere I go, I meet people, fans, who used to ask me for an autograph or tell me how much they love my music. Now, the number one comment I get from people who USED to be MY fans is how much they LOVE Chrissy.
‘She inspires so many people and so many women. I mean, she’s the kind of woman you write songs about. Huge, international, award-winning songs… but this is about Chrissy. 
‘Have you heard songs written for Chrissy before? One of them went to number one on the Billboard charts.’

Chrissy broke down in tears as he continued :
‘Sometimes social media feels like it’s going to be the death of civilisation. But it hasn’t been a complete fail. Hear me out, here… ‘I think the world may have missed out on Chrissy’s full awesomeness if it weren’t for social media. She would have never fully shone the way she does if she were filtered by publicists and handlers…
‘Chrissy’s biggest impact may be the way she proves that just by being the person you are, you can make a difference. Being who you are, unapologetically, you can make a difference…’
Chrissy was among the honorees at the 2018 Women of the Year Awards along with Viola Davis, Janelle Monáe, US Senator Kamala Harris, Betty Reid Soskin, Manal al-Sharif, the gymnasts who confronted Larry Nassar and March For Our Lives female activists.