2019: Don’t allow politicians to use you against your brothers for their selfish interest – Johnson ‘Ach’Oklobia’ Agada warns Idoma youths

The President of Ogbadibo Cultural Initiative, Johnson ‘Manex’ Agada, has warned Idoma youths, particularly social media users against allowing themselves to be used for campaign of calumny against their brothers.
Agada, who enjoys the title of Ach’Okolobia I of Ogbadibo, specially warned young Idoma never to use the social media as a tool to pull down their brothers during electioneering campaign ahead of the 2019 general elections.
He gave the charge on Sunday during a meeting he held with social media personalities from Idomaland at Zimo Hotel, Maraba, Nasarawa State.
The ace moviemaker, while addressing the Idoma youths, reminded them that politicians have been using and dumping Idoma youths for their selfish interest without attracting meaningful development to Idoma land.
According to him, by the time the politicians win their position, they would abandon the youths and face their families and pocket.
“This must stop. We cannot continue to fight ourselves because of these politicians that don’t have the interest of people at heart.
“We should stop using social media to rubbish our brothers in a bad light.
“Not everything you hear or see you rush to post on social media. This is why many communities and countries are ahead of us. Once you hear a particular story about a brother, instead of you to call the person, you quickly rush to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to post it. ““What do we intend to gain?
“As far as I’m concerned, these politicians some of you are working for won’t give you more than 20k. By the time the person you are fighting your brother over wins, he moves to Abuja and might even reconcile with his contender and you will be abandoned.
“I am saying these because what I have seen recently on social media concerning our people did not give me joy at all.
“You can promote a candidate without insulting your brother. You can do so without telling lies and engaging in campaign of calumny.
“Please, I beg you my brothers and sisters, it is high time we started promoting the rich cultural heritage of Idoma land,” Agada warned.
Adding his voice, ace journalist and PR expert, Prince Yemi Itodo, called on the need for a Benue South New Media Summit ahead of the 2019 elections.
According to him, “This would enable some of us know that there is more to social media than just sharing and liking of posts. I’m sure some of us don’t know you can make money from Facebook, Twitter and all the social networks without politicians.
“We need to learn how to use these tools to better our lives, not avenues to wash our dirty linens in the public,” Itodo opined.
Also speaking during the well-attended meeting, ace activist and ex-SUG President, UNIABUJA, Comrade Felix Onuh, described social media as a tool to checkmate the excesses of some of the politicians.
He said, “We need to understand that social media has gone beyond just a place to meet and make new friends, it is also a platform to checkmate all those leaders. Sometimes, we need to use the avenue to call them to order in the right way. Because if you approach most of these leaders one on one; they would shun you or pretend as if they don’t understand Idoma language. But by the time you push it on social media; they would be forced to respond. I am not saying we should insult or engage in lies, but sometimes, these people need to hear the raw truth,” he submitted.
Several speakers at the meeting promised to lead by example.
Present during the meeting were: Johnson Agada Manex (Ach’Oklobia), Prince Yemi Itodo, Ameh Comrade Godwin, Comrade Felix Onuh, St. Godwin Ochola Comrade Caleb Aba, Comrade Wisdom Obekpa, Comrade Bernard Ekwote, Barry, Attack, James Ewaoche Amedu and host of others.

2019: Don’t allow politicians to use you against your brothers for their selfish interest – Johnson ‘Ach’Oklobia’ Agada warns Idoma youths 2019: Don’t allow politicians to use you against your brothers for their selfish interest – Johnson ‘Ach’Oklobia’ Agada warns Idoma youths Reviewed by Linda Ochagla on Sunday, November 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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